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About Us

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PROMIS - Patient Records & Outcome Management Information System  
Award-winning chronic disease management tool. Meeting the needs of kidney, heart, diabetes and transplant care.

About Us

Initially developed for the renal care community in British Columbia, PROMIS uses real-time data to improve the quality of care for chronic disease patients. Since 2006, PROMIS has grown an average of 37% annually. 

As a single data repository, PROMIS gives health professionals a 360 degree view of the patient’s record, incorporating clinical, administrative, lab, pharmacy and scheduling options with advanced clinical and program management analytics.

Because it is a unified data source, PROMIS supports direct patient care, program management, facility management and research related to chronic disease management through a single, easy to use interface. This means better care for chronic disease patients, continuous quality improvement, and a better continuum of care overall.

PROMIS’ rich features include BI reporting capabilities, care program management, support for outcomes-based planning and complete inter-operability with industry standards like HL7 2.x and 3.x. And, PROMIS is a web-based thin client, providing easy access for slow and on-demand networks.

Awards & Recognition

Accreditation Canada recognized PROMIS as a Leading Practice, a “commendable example of high quality leadership and service delivery.” Leading practices are: creative and innovative; demonstrate efficiency in practice; linked to Accreditation Canada standards; adaptable by other organizations.

The Health Employers Association of BC noted that PROMIS was central to British Columbia’s medication reconciliation patient safety initiative (which won an award for collaborative solutions). BC is the only province that has extended medical reconciliation to chronic care outpatients.